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Wim Ten Brink

Hello, I'm Wim ten Brink, a software Engineer who lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I work for Figlo in Rotterdam, where I'm one of the developers working on the Figlo Platform. In my free time, I like generating CGI images using Poser Pro and Vue and I also spend time on small, private projects written mostly in C# or Delphi.

Wim Ten Brink's Bio:

I'm Wim ten Brink. I started with programming at age 14. That was in 1980. First some Basic dialect from a home computer, then Pascal on a Sinclair QL. Later I've learned more about COBOL and Assembly before starting to experiment with dozens of other languages including C. Finally decided to learn more about Turbo Pascal, which later turned into Delphi. Around 2001, I started learning more about .NET and web development in both .NET and PHP. Also specialized myself in XML and nowadays I'm an all-round programmer who is less obsessed about the programming and more obsessed about using the correct programming techniques, including documentation.

Wim Ten Brink's Interests & Activities:

Software engineering, photography, Computer generated images and dogs.

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